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We are a small breeder of quality, affordable parrots. Our retail store carries a wide variety of birds and avian supplies. We are bird lovers first, not about making money at the expense of our flock!

We don't incubate our eggs, but instead let the parents raise them until they are removed for hand feeding. This doesn't produce the largest possible number of eggs, but it gives the parents the experience nature intended for them to have.

We don't feed our babies on an assembly line with force-feeding syringes. We hand-feed each one gently and slowly, spending time letting it know it is loved. This takes much longer, but this way the chicks actually taste their food and learn to trust people.

Combined with early socialization, we think these methods produce the best possible pet. We know a parrot is a big investment, both financially and in the commitment you make. You deserve the very best, and we think our babies fill the bill!

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Greenwing Macaw    
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